All of the teachers at Flesher-Hinton operate independently of the store. We provide them space to teach, and verify their qualifications and reputation, but they set their own rates and schedules. The following is a list of teachers that teach in the store regularly. If you can not find a teacher on this list for your instrument or schedule, feel free to call us and we may be able to provide you with further names.



Instrument Teacher Phone Email
Banjo/Guitar/Accordion Spencer Crawford 785-969-8407
Clarinet/Saxophone William Esparza 303-287-4147
Clarinet/Saxophone Mark Harris 303-433-7698
Clarinet Elsbeth Williams 720-308-5804
Drums/Percussion Zach West 303-722-3654
Guitar Tony Schiess 303-909-0078
Piano/Harp Maria O’Bryan 303-229-8053
Trombone/Low Brass/Trumpet Thomas Ball 720-235-6547
Trombone/Low Brass Jeff Young 720-351-3887
Trumpet John Simpkins 720-331-3485
Violin/Viola/Cello Carrie Beeder 303-330-9126
Violin Hong An 720-320-8838